I'm a food allergy mom determined to make a difference for allergic kids. As an FA mom of nearly 10 years, I've experience the ups and downs of raising children with multiple severe food allergies. It's not always easy and it can feel overwhelming, but through trial and error and a whole lot of practice, I've discovered some tried and true methods to advocate for the ever-increasing food allergy population. 


You'll get hands-on, thoughtful training every step of the way.

With my background in marketing and communication studies I bring a research-based, thoughtful approach to food allergy advocacy. By utilizing the interpersonal communication and public speaking skills I was taught and my natural interest in health and science I offer an approachable, encouraging style to training.

Jenn Griffin, Founder Food Allergy Educator



It's all about minimizing the risks.

Every organization carries multiple risks to food allergic (FA) individuals. It's just a reality that requires heightened awareness for those living with life-threatening food allergies. However, with proper training schools, businesses, churches and other organizations can learn ways to protect themselves and FA's.

Learn how to create safer environments.

You'll receive step-by-step training tailored specifically to your organizations culture, along with resources that will help you put the necessary guidelines in place quickly and easily.

Gain confidence for handling a food allergy emergency.

Despite precautions food allergy emergencies can still happen. Experience hands-on epinephrine auto injector (EpiPen and AuviQ) training complete with demonstrated hold methods, detailed action plan guidelines and what you can expect at each step of the experience.

Learn practical tips on how to minimize risks and handle food allergic reactions. Includes hands-on EpiPen and AuviQ training. Perfect for schools, churches and businesses.

Live Training Sessions


Walk into your next advocacy meeting prepared and confident.

For parents of food allergic children. One-On-One Coaching involves you and I sitting down to discuss your child's specific needs. In preparation for your next advocacy meeting (504, IEP, etc.) I will help you understand your rights and identify reasonable expectations to request. You'll learn tried and true methods of communicating these requests in a manner suitable for the situation and you will walk away with a presentation outline tailored to your child. 

For parents of food allergic children - tips, resources and best practices to prepare you for upcoming advocacy meetings so you walk in calm and confident.

One-On-One Coaching


Sometimes you just need a hand.

For parents of allergic children. Advocacy meetings such as 504's and IEP's can seem scary and overwhelming. Following a One-On-One Coaching session I can also attend (local) meetings with you to help present your child's specific situation and be an attentive ear to all that is discussed.

For parents of food allergic children - sometimes it just helps to have someone there. Following One-On-One Coaching, I can attend meetings and provide an additional voice in a sometimes uncomfortable situation.

Advocacy Meeting Attendance


Jenn took the time to ask the right questions, to really understand our individual circumstances and gauge the audience she’d be educating. She tweaked her materials as needed, and facilitated the in-service with incredible credibility, confidence and grace.  I’m so grateful to have found Jenn, as I know I couldn’t have facilitated the discussion nearly as calmly and objectively as she was able to do.  Jen’s services were worth every penny of the cost…and more!  To have a credible fellow food-allergy mom to partner with to help educate our daughter’s teachers about anaphylaxis is priceless.  Thank you so much, Jenn!!

Kimberly - Food Allergy Parent

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